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Traveling With Cats, Oh My!

August 2, 2020

Why is it that cats will try to avoid a car ride at all costs? Our three cats learned pretty quickly how to disappear before it was time to leave. This occurred multiple times with our three now 12 year old cats, Molly, Rosa, and Dove. No matter where we were, at home, in a hotel room, or in our camper, they seemed to have this sixth sense and knew just when it was the perfect time to hide.

This hiding thing is a big source of stress for us prior to a trip. So many times we would try to trick them, only to find that they had succeeded in outsmarting us. And it would take hours before we were finally able to find them and secure them in their respective carriers.

We figured out, eventually, that by locking all three cats in a room on the morning we were to leave, it was easier to round them up for the trip. We also feed them an early breakfast which allows them plenty of time to use the litter box.

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We always carry a supply of water, treats, and a small litter box. We do fear one of them being able to escape the car or RV, so we only let them out of the carrier for an emergency, and only when we are at a stop and in a locked vehicle. Our daily drives are limited to around 300 miles a day. This keeps the trips short, and the cats usually are fine until our arrival time.

There are carriers roomy enough to contain a cat and a litter box like this one. This one also serves the same purpose. These are a blessing as they eliminate the need to let the cats out of the carrier. I have seen people in rest areas walking their cat with a halter and leash like this one. Mine would never tolerate walking on a leash, so that is not an option for us. However you do it, remember never leave your pets in a hot car, and secondly, use a seat belt to secure the carrier in case of quick stops. Enjoy your trip, and arrive safely at your destination.

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